The Movement

Amazonia for Life: Protect 80% by 2025 is led by the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin (COICA). COICA was founded in 1984 and is the umbrella organization of the Indigenous federations of the Amazon Basin countries. It advocates for Indigenous Peoples’ rights of the 511 nationalities and groups that live in the basin – including the nearly 100 uncontacted communities. COICA is the lead organization advancing the Amazonia for Life: Protect 80% by 2025 initiative.

Our Steering Committee

COICA and co-coordinate a steering committee dedicated to advancing the 80×25 vision in partnership with RAISG, AVAAZ, Amazon Watch, Wild Heritage, Re:Wild, Earth Insights and COIAB. The initiative is working to build a worldwide shift in awareness and advocacy around protecting 80% of Amazonia by 2025 — the level science says is necessary to avoid catastrophic tipping points that would transform the Amazonia as we know it. And the moment is urgent — degradation and deforestation levels are currently approaching 26% tipping point of irreversible damage to the Amazon ecosystem.

Over 1200 Supporting Organizations and Global Leaders

A diverse group of hundreds of civil society organizations and a wide range of global cultural leaders are in support of averting this tipping point crisis and advancing bold solutions in the Amazon region that future generations will be proud of.

See the list of organizations supporting 80% protection of Amazonia by 2025


Take action today.
Endorse the declaration.

The Indigenous leaders of the nine Amazon countries invite Indigenous communities, scientists, governments, cities, financial institutions, and anyone ready to take action for the planet, to stand with us. Signing this declaration is a first step to avert the Amazonia’s tipping point and protect 80 percent by 2025.

See the list of organizations supporting 80% protection of Amazonia by 2025

Endorse the Declaration