Colombian band Aterciopelados supports the initiative Amazonia for Life: Protect 80% by 2025

  • July 3, 2024

Colombian band Aterciopelados declared their support for the Amazon for Life initiative during their participation in London Climate Action Week 2024 (June 22-30), where the coalition was represented by the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA). “Saving the Amazon, 80% of it by the year 2025: this is humanity’s goal so that there is a future for all of us,” said Hector Buitrago. “Let’s love and protect nature,” added Andrea Echeverri. 

Watch the band’s message:

About Amazonia for Life: Protect 80% by 2025

The Amazon for Life initiative advocates for the protection of 80% of the Amazon by 2025 to avoid the tipping point in the world’s largest carbon sink. It comprises COICA,, RAISG, AVAAZ, Amazon Watch, Wild Heritage, Re:Wild, One Earth and Earth Insight, and is endorsed by 50 indigenous organizations from the countries that make up the Amazon Basin, as well as more than 1,200 civil society organizations. 

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